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Download SYMPOSIUM W presentations - Materials and systems for micro-energy harvesting and storage

2016 E-MRS Spring Meeting
from May 2nd to 6th - Lille Grand Palais - France


Materials and systems for micro-energy harvesting and storage
Symposium Organizers :
  • Dario NARDUCCI, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy
  • Luis FONSECA, CNM-CSIC, Bellaterra, Spain
  • Philippe VEREECKEN, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium
  • Rob VAN SCHAIJK, Holst Center, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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The available presentations are the ones of the invited speakers and the SiNERGY speakers.

  • Maziar Ahmadi Zeidabadi
  • Joe Briscoe
  • Robert Hahn
  • Jan König
  • Elie Lefeuvre
  • Ola Nilsen
  • David Pech
  • Mika Prunnila
  • Gabi Schierningc
  • Peter Woias
  • Carlos Calaza
  • Luca Belsito
  • Gerard Gadea
  • Laura Zulian
  • Gonzalo Murillo
  • Rob van Schaijk
  • Nouha Labyedh
  • Rafael Trócoli
  • Philippe Vereecken


If anyone is interested in other presentations we may put him in contact with the author. 


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Printable and flexible 3D micro-supercapacitor (Maziar Ahmadi Zeidabadi)

Zinc oxide nanorod p-n junction piezoelectric energy harvesters: mechanism, developments and applications (Joe Briscoe)

Segmented rechargeable micro battery for wearable applications based on printed separator and LTO/NMC electrodes (Robert Hahn)

Variable capacitor energy harvesting based on polymer dielectric and composite electrode (Robert Hahn)


Electrostatic Vibration Energy Harvesting Microsystems for Self-Powered Minimally Invasive Pacemakers (E. Lefeuvre)

Atomic layer deposition for microbatteries (Ola Nilsen)

Issues and Challenges facing Micro-Supercapacitors (David Pech)

Energy harvesting and storage with Si-based micro and nano structures (Mika Prunnila)

Nanocrystalline silicon with tungsten silicide inclusion phases: Morphology and thermoelectric properties (Gabi Schierningc)

Piezoelectric Generators: Modeling, Design, Applications (Peter Woias)

Integration path for an all-silicon MEMS based thermoelectric micro and nanogenerator (Carlos Calaza)

Top‐down fabrication of high density nanowire arrays for application in thermoelectric micro‐energy conversion devices (L.Belsito)

Silicon nanowires for thermoelectric harvesting applications: growth, integration and characterization (G. Gadea)

Annealing of heavily boron-doped silicon: effect on electric and thermoelectric properties (Laura Zulian)

Selective growth of ZnO nanosheets and their application in piezoelectric and triboelectric energy harvesting devices (G. Murillo)

Reliability improvements of an electrostatic energy harvester for TPMS (van Schaijk)

Lithium-Titanatethin Films By Solid State Reaction As Electrode Material For Lithium-Ion Batteries (Nouha Labyedh)

Electrochemical Performance of Materials with high interest in lithium-ion batteries prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition (Rafael Trócoli)

Paving the way towards solid-state 3D thin-film Li-ion batteries (Philippe M. Vereecken)