Stichting IMEC Nederland (IMEC‐NL)

Stichting IMEC Nederland

Stichting IMEC Nederland (IMEC‐NL) is the Dutch research branch of the independent nanoelectronics research center imec, is together with TNO, one of the two pillars of the Holst Centre. Its research focuses on next generation wireless autonomous transducer solutions. Imec the Netherlands’ research bridges the gap between fundamental research at universities and technology development in industry. Imec the Netherlands has as objectives to be an "international center of excellence", to reinforce the local industry, and to collaborate intensively with local universities. Imec the Netherlands works in the fields of ultra‐low‐power radio; ultra‐low‐power digital signal processing; micropower generation, storage and power management, and sensor technologies. Imec the Netherlands integrates these building blocks to realize solutions for the future deployment of autonomous wireless transducer networks.
Website: IMEC Nederland
Partner's role
Imec the Netherlands will lead the WP3‐mechanical harvesting as a whole and will develop an electrostatic mechanical harvester. It will also coordinate the integration tasks of WP5 and will participate specifically in the integration of the electrostatic harvester and the microbattery.
Research team: Rob van Schaijk, Martijn Goedbloed.


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