Useful links

Useful links

Links to the websites of partner institutions:

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica (CNM)

Confindustria Emilia-Romagna Ricerca

Electrolux Italia SpA (ELUX)

Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC)

IMEC Belgium

Holst Centre- IMEC‐NL

STE Engineerin

University of Milano‐Bicocca - UNIMIB

CNR IMM Institute of Microeletronics and Microsystem

European Commission Research Participant Portal (generic H2020 information and FP7 documentation repository)

Links of projects:

ZeroPower CSA
UK Energy Harvesting network
Guardian Angels Project - FET flagship finalist
MANPOWER - Towards Perpetually Self-powered Implants
ULTRAWIRE - Ultra Conductive Copper-Carbon Nanotube Wire
MATFLEXEND - New formulations for printable energy harvesting materials
E-STARS - Efficient Smart Systems with enhanced energy storage
ICT-ENERGY - Coordination activity among consortia involved in the ICT-ENERGY subject
E2Switch - Energy Efficient Tunnel FET Switches and Circuits
INTERFLEX - Interconnects for flexible foils and thin film batteries
GREENSILICON - Thermal energy harvesting using nanofabricated Silicon
NANOPOWER - Nanoscale energy management for powering ICT device
SiNAPS - Semiconducting Nanowire Platform for Autonomous Sensors
NanoHiTec - Nano-structured High-efficiency Thermo-Electric Converters
H2ESOT - Waste heat harvesting via organic thermoelectric devices
NANOCATE - Thermoelectric- and storage material based on nanocarbon

Other useful links:

Long-life Paper-Thin Batteries from STMicroelectronics to Power Tomorrow’s Tiny Tech - Read More

Macro-thermoelectricity (but also silicon nanowires in the pipeline) - Read More

Charging devices with... wood or boiling water - Read More

Powering a Bluetooth loudspeaker with a candle - Read More

Silicon nanostructures for thermoelectric devices: A review of the current state of the art - Read More

A new high ZT thermoelectric material - Read More

Energy Harvesting & Storage 2015. This seventh annual IDTechEx event provides insight into energy harvesting technologies, case studies and markets, ranging from consumer electronics and sensors all the way to vehicles, building and industrial automation - Read More

Engineers at UC San Diego have developed a nanoparticle-based material that converts 90% of captured sunlight to heat. With particle sizes ranging from 10 nanometers to 10 micrometers, the multiscale structure can withstand temperatures greater than 700 degrees Celsius. - Read More

Researchers at the University of Maryland have invented a tiny structure that includes all the components of a battery that they say could bring about the ultimate miniaturization of energy storage components. - Read More


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