The European networks for digital and sustainable transition: EDIH and EEN together for enterprises | The CERR, CNA ER and Bi-Rex workshop @ MECSPE

Apr 26, 2023

On Friday 31 March in Bologna, in the context of the MECSPE fair, the workshop “The European networks for the digital and sustainable transition: European Digital Innovation Hub and Enterprise Europe Network together for enterprises” was held.

During the event, organized by Confindustria Emilia-Romagna Ricerca (CERR), CNA Emilia-Romagna and Bi-Rex, the advantages that companies can obtain through the most important European networks for innovation, digital transition, and sustainability (European Digital Innovation Hub and Enterprise Europe Network) were presented.

The first session, devoted to Birex++ (European Digital Innovation Hub), presented the activity plan of Birex++, the European Digital Innovation Hub led by the Bi-Rex Competence Center, in collaboration with other partners (including CERR and CNA ER) . Furthermore, the initial engagement steps of the companies “Initial Engagement, Basic Advisory and bundle service deployment” and the synergies with the EEN network “Improving the synergy and the complementarity with EEN” were explored.

The second session, devoted to Synergies with European programs (Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, Interreg Europe), presented the European projects (e.g., CloudCamp4SMEs, DIH2, REACH Incubator, Change2Twin, DIHNET.EU, I4MS) in which DIHs are involved in creating new skills and tools available to businesses. Furthermore, the Master on sustainability and circular economy was introduced, which is being organized by UNIBO, in collaboration with the Marche Polytechnic University and other important European universities.

The third session, devoted to Synergies with the Enterprise Europe Network (Use Cases and Good Practices), addressed the combination between DIH and EEN networks to increase the competitiveness of enterprises. In particular, the two companies that took part shared use cases and best practices that emerged from the comparison with national and international champions: CO.M.CE. with a view to digital evolution and launch of the ESG 2023-2025 project, MOSS with a view to open innovation approaches to develop new value-added services for the customer and start a product co-design process with end users (customers).

Here below slides and pictures from the event.