Digital Innovation Hub

Source: European Commission – EEN
Objective: To measure the contribution of digital innovation to company performance
Dimensions analyzed: Strategy, Business Model, Processes, Ecosystem and Enablers
Target: Medium-Large companies or structured SMEs
Modality: Supported by experts (after interview)
Time: 1/2 hours, about 50 questions
Output: Benchmark report with European companies, Action Plan

Source: Confindustria Emilia – Area Centro
Objective: To measure how much digital is present in the company and to provide first ideas and directions
Dimensions analyzed: Culture, Network, Data, Investments, Technologies, Business Model, Skills, Service-Product
Target: SME
Modality: Self-assessment with the possibility of further deepening (on request)
Time: 20 minutes, about 20 questions
Output: Scores, Priorities and Action Plan (on request)

Source: Confindustria – Politecnico of Milano – Assoconsult
Objective: To assess Digital Maturity
Dimensions analyzed: Design, Production, Quality, Maintenance, Logistics, Supply chain, Smart Product, Human Resources, Marketing and Customer Care
Target: SMEs and Large manufacturing companies
Modality: Self-assessment with subsequent deepening by experts 
Time: 3/4 hours, 90 questions
Output: Scores, Priorities and Action Plan

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