Digital Innovation Hub

An access door

Digital transformation and the Industry 4.0 model represent a crucial challenge for the industry. The 4.0 paradigm is characterized by integration and interconnection of the various phases of production, people who operate within operations, products and services, which must be theirselves 4.0, up to the final customer. All is revised from the prospective of using a mix of technologies to enhance data as a new factor of industrial competitiveness.

Are you ready for Industry 4.0 and for digitally transforming your company?

Industry 4.0 marks a radical change compared to previous industrial innovations with new technologies and new digital services that are easily exploited within enterprises in the various corporate functions (from purchase to logistics, production and customer services, research, innovation and prototyping).


Are you ready? Find out with the assessments.


Confindustria, and all its articulations, intends to take a leading role to support companies in transformation processes.

Confindustria Emilia-Romagna Ricerca is part of DIH national network promoted by Confindustria as Digital Innovation Hub Emilia-Romagna and is also part of the national network 4.0 of the Ministry of Economic Development and the European Hub promoted by the European Commission. In addition, DIH-ER collaborates with the Enterprise Europe Network and with the Bi-REX Competence Center.

The Digital Innovation Hub is therefore:

  •  A network of actors dedicated to innovation, in network with national and European counterparts

  •  An access tool to the National Network of Competence Centers

  • A tool at the service of companies and the innovation ecosystem

Confindustria Emilia-Romagna

Federica Mori
Tel. 051 3399940

Confindustria Piacenza

Gian Marco Ratti
Tel. 0523 450411

Giulia Silva
Tel. 0523 450411

Unione Parmense degli Industriali

Roberto Buratti
Tel. 0521 2266

Unindustria Reggio Emilia

Davide Bezzecchi
Tel. 0522 409711

Domenico Polimeno

Confindustria Emilia Area Centro

Filippo Forni
Tel. 051 6317111

Francesca Baccolini
Tel. 051 6317111

Confindustria Romagna

Barbara Calzi
Tel. 0543 72770

Cesare Bertini
Tel. 0544 210411

Services and activities

In the context of continuous technological and digital development, DIH is a tool for gaining:

  • efficiency, flexibility and productivity;
  • integration in the supply chains;
  • customization of products and / or services;
  • servitization;
  • more digital business models.


Information, use cases and benefits deriving from 4.0 technologies and digital transformation


Support in digital transformation projects and continuous training


Analysis of the digital maturity of the company and of the supply chains through specific assessments and definition of action plans for innovation management, digital transformation, access to finance, and possible partnerships


Identification of technological partners, suppliers or consultants, access to Competence Centers 4.0 of National Industry 4.0 Plan, collaboration with universities, research centers, other companies, support for network contracts