Knowledge Management

Le tre leggi della conoscenza dinamica:
  •  1a legge: La conoscenza si moltiplica quando viene condivisa
  •  2a legge: La conoscenza crea valore quando si muove dal suo punto di origine a quello di necessità o opportunità

  •  3a legge: L’influenza reciproca favorisce l'utilizzo ottimale delle risorse, sia materiali sia immateriali


Knowledge management is about the flow of meaning. It refers to social communication processes supported by collaboration technologies (for example, the Internet, Intranets, wireless devices) to create new knowledge and to efficiently re-use knowledge in order to obtain and maintain competitive advantage through improved performance and decision-making of workers.
Knowledge management is wrongly assumed as a simple extension of information management. In fact, the former entails major changes not only to technology but most of all to corporate culture, operations and relationships.
Whichever way one looks at knowledge management, its primary issue is that of people management.

Subject matter experts are both individuals from unconventional backgrounds and people who come from more traditional disciplines. They are mixed together in such a way that each player comes to terms with the strengths and weaknesses of the others. Diverse conversations between people of different cultural and social background facilitate the formation of new ideas and prevent the sharing of the same knowledge. There is not a leader who holds absolute authority. The dominant configuration resembles flexible teams as in soccer and tennis doubles or in a jazz orchestra where each player performs a specific but flexible role.
Source: Thomas Andersson, Martin Curley and Piero Formica, Knowledge-Driven Entrepreneurship, Springer, New York-Berlin, 2010


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